Digital Altitude Review

There has been a lot of stories about Digital Altitude, whether it is a genuine business or a scam out to get money from hardworking citizens.

Some of the stories are authentic; others may not be.

Product Name: Digital Altitude

Creator Name: Michael Force

Official Website: CLICK HERE

What is actually Digital Altitude and what is all about? You don’t have to look around here and there because right away  this Digital Altitude Aspire Review am offering you is a detailed review on Digital Altitude(Aspire, Base, Rise, Ascend and Peak).

What Is Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude is a multi-level marketing company formed by a former Us Marine known as Michael Force who has a vast Knowledge and experience in marketing.Michael Force is well known for his vast success in affiliate internet marketing.He is now a coach and mentor to a large number of entrepreneurs who are wishing to make it.

About Michael Force?

Michael.ForceMichael Force is the creator of this business. He was a former U.S. Marine who  over the last 15 years has become an icon in the industry that is all leading digital business expert all along with the speaker and entrepreneur. He is very much helpful regarding building the business with the great level of success and boosting improvement.

What you get in Digital Altitude

  • Aspire: This is known out to be one of the most comprehensive products of the Digital Altitude. It has created as for the digital form of the marketers. It would make you learn about the tool and deal with the community plus the resources access as well.
  • Aspire WalkerIt costs $37 per month, and offers:·   Training videos to help you when you’re starting out·   40% commission·   Payouts for 1 tier

    ·   Members Area access

    ii)   Aspire Hiker

    It costs $67 per month, and offers:

    ·   Commission up to 50%

    ·   Training videos to help you when you’re starting out

    ·   Training every week

    ·   Members Area access

    ·   Conference calls every month

    ·   Latest tools and resources in the market

    ·   Payouts for two tiers

    ·   Life Coaches

    iii)   Aspire Climber

    It costs $127 per month, and offers:

    ·   Commission up to 60%

    ·   Payouts for three tiers

    ·   Members Area access

    ·   Training every week

    ·   Conference calls every month

    ·   Training every week

    ·   And so many others

    Affiliates pay $17 for membership.

    Most people start with the Aspire Level, then move up to the base level.

  • Base: It is a common fact that starting months of any business are very troubling. But this product would make you learn about your course of direction of paving a success path in your business. In simple, it would assist you with the fast track of your digital business’ success.If you subscribe to the base membership, you learn how to build a proper background for your business, but in my digital altitude review, I won’t go into the how’s.You learn how to prepare and plan for your business, the best way to launch the business, and how to best grow your business and sustain a loyal customer base.
  • Ascend: To get satisfied with your market goal, the product of Ascend would come across as much informative for you. It would access you to learn with the one-on-one from the world’s top business thought leaders under one shelter.
  • Peak: Peak is another one of the most valuable products about this Digital altitude business. It would teach you related to the concepts of the management all along with the success and leadership.
  • Apex: On the last, I would mention about the Apex! This product would make you learn about the art of the real estate along with the asset management. No doubt that it is one of the best business training events all around the world.


Add-on Products of Digital Altitude:

  • Guru You: It would offer you with the set of the tools that would be assisting you to brand yourself as being the guru. It would also be featuring with the access of the head shot creation as well as director videos, social media creation tools, and the wide range of others.
  • Inbound: This web-based service would be paying all your attention to the top of creating the clickable content for the purpose of your blogs. If you have any information related to the inbound marketing, then grab with this option right now.
  • Traffic and Funnel Products: Also, with this product, it would monetize your email lists and would also push traffic all through sales funnels. It would play a significant role in order to boost up the level of your online earnings. 12 different traffic and funnel products are accessible in this product.

Digital Altitude Compensation Plan:


Walker – Costs $37 per month, with 40% commission ($15 per month)

Hiker – Costs $67 per month with 50% commission on two tiers (40% gives $27 on Tier 1, and 10% gives $7 on Tier 2 per month)

Climber – Costs $127 per month with 60% commission on three tiers (45% gives $76 on Tier 1, 10% gives $13 on Tier 2 and 5% gives $6 on Tier 3 per month)

In Tier 1, you get 45% commission on members you have personally enrolled, 10% in Tier 2 when your Tier 1’s enroll members and 5% in Tier 3 when your Tier 2’s enroll members. Walkers are paid 1 Tier, Hikers 2 Tiers, and Climbers all three tiers.

Base – You get 60% commission on three tiers, which equals to $240 per sale on tier 1.

Rise – You get 60% commission on three tiers, which equals to $1200 per sale on tier 1.

Ascend – You get 60% commission on three tiers, which equals to $6000 per sale on tier 1.

Peak – You get 60% commission on three tiers, which equals to $10,200 per sale on tier 1.

Apex – You get 60% commission on three tiers, which equals to $16,800 per sale on tier 1.

If you need a coach to close the sale, 20% is taken off your Tier 1.

Is Digital Altitude Really Legit or a Scam

Digital Altitude in my opinion is Legit.It is one of the best online companies around today. The system has well trained 6 figure coaches who does most of the work for you and guides you along your journey to success. I don’t think their is any other mlm company out there that has personal coaches who mentor you along your way to success and close sales for you.

In my honest opinion Digital  Altitude is offers an amazing value.It is really tremendous and a real program that tends to help either beginners who have no experience in marketing or experts. It is actually a good and organized programme.

It is specially designed for the newbies and professionals alike. Any one who intends making money online is free enough to be a part of this Digital Altitude opportunity.  You can get the overview detail about it by visiting its site. Hence, on the whole, I would say that to take your online business to the next level, choosing the Digital Altitude is the best and amazing option.

How Digital Altitude Aspire Could Actually Help you

Digital Altitude would be offering you with the training and coaching on how to earn six figures step by step in 90 days. You have the option where you can earn and learn. Plus you have a personal coach who guides you on the way awesome right. You can start the Digital Altitude Aspire System at the cost of the $1 trial test.

So this was a detailed review on Digital Review and how it works. It is a system that is smooth and effortless which could actually change your financial future and help you grow  online with the help of personal well trained coaches.


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